Darin and Holly | Engaged | Preview | Julian, CA

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Deborah Gilbert - This is soooo cute. Love the sign in the foreground

Susan L. Vorderstrasse - Beautiful shot, with the lake in the background, the canoes, and boardwalk in the foreground, and the special couple in the middle. Very nice! No chance you two would you two need a lifeguard, is there?

Paul - @Susan: They looked pretty cute out there by themselves. I think a third person would just make things a little crowded 🙂

Angela Kohls - Great picture! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

Melissa - Is that Joey and Dawson?… 😉

Rita Villarreal - Missy just to let you know how happy i’am for the both of you. Beautiful picture and the back ground. Two beautiful people.

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