Los Angeles Food Festival | Paul and Amy

Because of Amy’s amazing cousin, Abie, we got a chance to go to the Los Angeles Street Food Festival yesterday. It was a blast-tons of delicious, snack-sized food was everywhere that we looked. We probably sampled about 15 of the vendors in the main area (highlights included the Dogtown Dog hot dog with fennel slaw and homemade mustard and a great gezpacho soup from Maggie’s Fritatas) before we located the special ice cream and dessert area. It felt a little like heaven. The best dessert that we had was handmade organic ice cream from a place called Sweet Lucie’s. They had an absolutely delicious Cookies and Cream and a super-refreshing Mint Lemonade flavor. Anyway, a big thank you to Abie. I’d recommend a trip to the festival for anyone. A fun, relaxing, and filling time seemed to be had by all.

Amy - Hey good lookin’, I like that hat.

Paul - You’re not the only one. I got a lot of positive feedback about that hat. Also, I now have a sunburn in the shape of a dragon on my head, which I’m also expecting to get a lot of positive feedback on.

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