Portrait Pricing

Assumptions that we make:

1. This isn’t the first page that you looked at on our website. If you’ve arrived at the pricing page, we hope that it’s because you like what you’ve seen so far.
2. You’re paying us to take your pictures; you shouldn’t have to pay per print to buy them back from us. After all, they’re pictures of you. All of our packages include a USB flash drive containing the images documenting your day. We’ll also include a print release so you can print your files anywhere that you’d like.
3. Photos are meant to be shared. Once we deliver the images-they’re yours. Post them on Facebook, share them on Twitter, whatever. We’ll even set up a proofing gallery for you so you can share images with friends and family-if you want they’ll even be able to download full-size images, so you won’t have to worry about sending images to Grandma in Indiana.
4. We want you to take pictures wherever you’re most comfortable. Your house, the beach, a local park…really, just about anywhere. We’re also not strict about locations or the changing of clothes.
All right-that being said (and you didn’t just scroll past all those assumptions, did you?), here are the prices:
Use the Contact button on the menu above, or email us at contact@reamsphoto.com, if you’ve got additional questions or to check our availability for your portrait session.

P.S. All of our portrait prices include CA sales tax.

Family Portraits: Family portrait sessions start at $400. There may be additional costs involved with taking portraits of extended families with more than 6 individuals. It’s just tough to get all of you smiling at the same time, and often more faces means more post-processing work.

Senior Portraits: Choose a place that’s special to you-wear something that you think you look great in-and don’t worry, we won’t put you in front of a ridiculous muslin backdrop if you promise not to wear a tutu to your portrait session~$400.

Engagement Portraits: If Reams Photo is photographing your wedding-your engagement session is included with your wedding package. If we’re not photographing your wedding and you’re interested in engagement portraits a la carte, the price is the same as our other portrait packages: $400.

Maternity/Newborn Portrait Sessions: We love taking maternity and newborn shots. The best time for maternity shots is around 7 months into your pregnancy. We want you curvy and comfortable. Wear something that will accentuate the bump. Newborn portraits are fantastic as well. We like to photograph infants at their homes-in their natural environments~$400