Reams Photo at the Fair

Amy and I had a chance to go to the Del Mar Fair with our friends Jason and Sarah. You’ll be seeing a bit more of them on the blog soon since they will be our models for a publicity session that we’ll be doing  for the Scripps Aquarium this week. If you don’t want to see them being all cute in photos with one another, you might want to avoid the Reams Photo blog for the next couple of days.


Something about the fair made me think about old-timey sort images that I saw growing up, so I played with this one a bit. The TRA actions from the Boutwells are, as is implied in the title, Totally Rad. We don’t do a lot of stuff with sepia tones, but I really liked the way that this shot that Amy took came out.


We’re also fortunate in that Sarah and Jason have some photographic acumen as well. Sarah took both of these shots-as well as several of the “About Us” shots on our blog and website.

Look how excited that we are about the ferris wheel.


And…one more with the old timey romantical sort of feel to it.


Busy week for us at Reams Photo this week-but that’s the way that we like it. Portrait sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. So keep checking in on the blog.

A new look for Reams Photo

So, we’ll be back soon with photos from Washington, D.C., and maybe a few from a wedding that Amy will be a part of this Saturday. However, in the meantime, we’ve been working on our branding and creating a new logo with our friend, Melanie Crutchfield. We’re really excited about the brand that we’re creating. We’re describing ourselves and our style as “optimistically urban.”

Here’s a look at the logo:

The Reams Photo Logo

And here’s how it may play as a watermark on our images:


Amy and I are super excited about the new direction and logo, and about our big launch of the website coming next week when we get back from D.C. Let us know what you think-we’d love to hear from you in the comments section of the blog.


Deborah Gilbert - I love the pictures! They are fun and capture the personalities of your subjects. Great job!