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Darin and Holly | Engaged | Julian, CA

We were so excited to shoot Holly and Darin’s camp engagement session. I loved going to camp as a kid and as soon as we pulled up to Camp Marston memories came flooding back. Also, it turns out I had actually been to Camp Marston, so maybe that’s not quite so curious. It’s such a quintessential camp spot- the lake, the bunks, the horses… The whole way home we talked about ways we can get into the outdoors this summer.

Holly and Darin are awesome. It’s good to know people in high places and Darin is definitely that person around the camp. We broke all kinds of life vest rules and nobody got mad at us. They brought a ton of energy to our shoot, as well as some crazy fast dogs and a couple of cool kids. And there’s just nothing like hanging out on a camp dock right after the sun sets.

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