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Leeanne and Matt | Engaged | Vasquez Rocks, CA

Matt and Leeanne are movie buffs, so it was only appropriate that they had their engagement session at the legendary Vasquez Rocks.  You may recognize Vasquez Rocks from every sci fi film/ tv show pre 1980.  Turns out that “other world” is just north of LA somewhere between the “Golden Oak of Dreams” and Bakersfield.  The session was super fun as the temperature was perfect and we got our wiggles out jumping and climbing all over these rocks.  And Matt and Leeanne have just a little personality, so they made for great photo subjects.

Also, a photo shoot on these rocks would just not be complete without some costumes.  So towards the end of the day Matt and Leeanne headed back to their dressing trailer (literally!), grabbed some awesome hats, and continued being ridiculously cute.  We ate it up.

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