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Tiffany and Tim | Helicopter Engagement | Carlsbad, CA

Paul and I have recently started a photography bucket list of shoots that we’d love to do someday; you know, photographing a wedding on the back of an elephant, being whisked away to Italy for a wedding, and…doing photography while in a helicopter.

So, when at our first meeting, Tiffany said to me “we want to have our engagement session in a helicopter” it took every bit of self control I had not to scream with joy in the Starbucks.  However, being the hipster I often aspire to be, I was trying to play it super cool.  Super cool in this instance meant hugely bumbling.  Luckily for me, Tiffany, in addition to being beautiful, is ridiculously easy to get long with and is marrying a really cool guy in Tim, so our shoot was really fun.  We got into the helicopter at Palomar Airport and flew to their picturesque property in Ramona where we had a great time hiking, watching for rattlesnakes, gazing over their incredible view of the reservoir, and watching for more rattlesnakes as we took their pictures.

The helicopter ride was magnificent.  Tim did a few quick Star Tours style swooping turns, flew us over the Wild Animal Park to see the elephants, and made the smoothest landing ever back at the airport.  Needless to say, it was an awesome day. Also, if you’re getting married on an elephant in Italy, make sure to give us a call. We’re in!

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