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Four-Year Anniversary

Amy and I celebrated our four year anniversary on Thursday night. We had an understated celebration this year, retiring to the couch for a night of the Thursday night NBC lineup, frozen yogurt, and relaxation. We’ve been giving  presents based on the traditional anniversary gift calendar, so I came home early from school and surprised Amy with flowers in the afternoon, and she laid out Gummi Peaches for our night on the couch, so we had the “Flowers and Fruit” quotient of the evening covered. I thought that the gifts had been covered (Aren’t gummi peaches wonderful!), so I was surprised to get up in the morning and find that my path through the living room was blocked by lines of ribbon. On each ribbon were photos that Amy had taken of flowers or fruit (or our cat, Zucchini, who is named after a flowering vegetable). On the back of each photo, Amy wrote a little about one of her favorite memories from our years together. I thought that it was a great gift-so I wanted to share it. Also, I wanted to warn you guys out there that even on the “Flowers and Fruit” anniversary, you had better be prepared to be a little more creative than bringing home a few bouquets of flowers.

Four Year Anniversary-13

Four Year Anniversary-12

Four Year Anniversary-10

Four Year Anniversary-9

Four Year Anniversary-11

By the way, my bouquets of flowers (that’s right-multiple bouquets) actually finished third in the anniversary gift giving this year. Our friends Jason and Sarah got us a blueberry bush: a plant that both flowers and produces fruit. They’re so clever…

Next year, I’m taking it up a notch. I’m going to find a great “Wood” gift. Just you watch…

Here’s a shot of us 4 years ago. It was taken by our wedding photographer, Aaron Delesie, who single-handedly inspired our interest in photography after we saw our wedding photos.

Aaron's Wedding Photo of Paul and Amy

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