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On Sunday we finally got around to planting these beautiful fruit trees we were given when Lucy was born.  Paul and I both have been anxious to get them in the ground for a while, but it’s way too easy to put planting trees at the end of our busy list of weekly to-dos.  But man, now that we have them in the ground I feel different.  I know that sounds weird- especially if you saw how stick-like these trees are or how little I’ve cared for them.  But as Paul and our very green thumbed friend Jason planted, we had several neighbors come and comment on them.  People even brought presents and I’m totally not kidding.  Lucy now has a crazy cute knitted cap to show for it.  There’s just something about young, blooming trees that get people feeling full of potential I think.

These dumb little trees were our way of loving our neighborhood this week.  It was a way for us to say to our neighbors, “we’re here for a while and we’re bringing a bit of life to this land.”  And I think people, even just subconsciously, pick up on stuff like that.

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