What we've been working on lately

Our Studio

We just moved into our new house a few weeks ago and are so excited to share our new workspace with you! 

We have a couple features that we love about this new space.  The first is our bride wall.  We have been crazy blessed with GORGEOUS women all season long and it’s fun to see you all together.  It’s a rock star wall of sorts and I’m excited to add the rest of you to it!  Also, I realized that a couple of you more recent girls haven’t seen this picture of you yet, so I had to share.

The next is our inspiration wall.  I (Amy) take time in the days/weeks before your shoot to design it.  I have a design degree and I love making use of it.  Each shoot gets a “theme” based on the location, the couple’s personality, and various other criteria.  I look for images that inspire me, I make a list of words that help me define the look, and draw out some poses I’d like to try.  And I think the pictures are better because of the process.  For instance, for Tiffany and Tim our words were vintage, classic, tabloid-y, and sexy.  For Vivian and David they were playful, cute, emotional, studious, and quirky.  Also, I wanted you all to know how much time we spend thinking about you and your shoot!

And finally, introducing…  our awesome cat Zucchini.  She likes the studio so far.  Oddly, not as much as the garage, but she’s a loyal companion on editing days.

We want to take pictures of YOU.

Thoughtful you,

twitterpaited you,

powerful you,


We love real moments,

real emotions,

and no fake smiles.

We can't wait to meet you.


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