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Tyler’s off to Cal Arts

It’s been an exciting and new last couple of weeks for Amy’s family. Amy’s brother, Tyler Gilbert, was accepted to the California Institute for the Arts this year, and last week he moved into his new dorm and started classes. Many of you followed Tyler on his epic journey through Europe and the Middle East last year, and you’ll be happy to know that he’s healthy and preparing to pursue musical composition at Cal Arts. Fortunately, Amy got up early, brought her camera, and was able to take some photos to document the trip.

Amy went up for Ty’s big moving day, and they started early, leaving the family house in Orange County at about 7am. However, they didn’t leave early enough for Tyler to avoid washing his car before the trip. Suffice it to say that he wasn’t too excited to be car washing at 7 am; however, mom said it had to be clean before they left. And clean it was.

Tyler Car Wash

Once they got on the road it was pretty smooth sailing all the way up to Pasadena. Thank goodness for the car pool lane!

College Car Ride

Before arriving at the dorm, the family made the trek to Wal-Mart for that most iconic of American traditions: back to school shopping.

Tyler at Wal-Mart

This next image really captures back-to-school shopping for me. It looks a bit like those classic, posed, Old-West style shots. Hold still, Ty.

Tyler at Wal-Mart 2

After arriving at Tyler’s dorm, we found that those crazy Cal Arts art students had a little too much fun with perspective painting and the hall. Can you tell where the wall at the end of the hall is? Can you imagine entering the hall late at night, a little disoriented, and trying to locate your room? C’mon, art students.

Cal Arts Hall

And, of course, Tyler was pretty excited to finally be at his dream school.

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Congrats, Ty! Call your mom!

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