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Jessica and Charles | Expectant

Charles and Jessica are expecting their first baby, Charlie, in May and they’re both glowing. They exude excitement, and because of that and the chance to spend a relaxed morning in Hillcrest, we were pretty thrilled for this shoot. Plus, Jessica and Charles are super cool. Like hip, funky lamp designing kind of cool. Jessica is also the marketing brains behind the Scripps Aquarium, with whom we got to work when doing the Scripps Forum Shoot we love so much.

We started in a great little bookshop on 5th Avenue called Bluestocking Books, where Amy almost bought multiple copies of “The Little Prince.”

After walking around downtown Hillcrest for a while, we headed back to Jessica and Charles’s modern nursery. Although still a work in progress, this room is all kinds of hip. Not a bad spot to hang out in for 4am feedings.

Then we couldn’t leave Hillcrest without a stop at the Farmer’s Market- it’s one of Amy’s favorite San Diego spots. Charlie was as big as 4 oranges when we took these pictures!

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