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“After” Session!

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Weddings are super busy.  Always.  As awesome as those few moments are when we get to steal our couples away and watch them melt into each other as they cuddle away from the crowds, it’s always a treat to get to do a whole other session.  An “after” session, if you will.  And here’s the real secret- Paul and I totally miss all our couples after their wedding day is over!  After getting to know you over coffee, laughing together at my occasionally ridiculous engagement session posing tips (trust me- it looks awesome), standing next to you on your wedding day, and then staring at your face on our computer for a few weeks (in a totally normal, not creepy way), we feel really connected to all our seriously amazing couples.   We loved getting to do this “after” session with Virginia and Nic yesterday.  Not only did we get to take a ton of pictures without the confines of a timeline, but we got to catch up a little.  Plus, they got to get all gussied up again on what we found out later was the anniversary of their engagement (cute!) and then they got into comfy clothes and watched The Oscars.  With Ginny’s pretty updo and, I hope, a box full of square cupcakes.  Because we may or may not have eaten the entire box they gave us by the time we got home.

We’ll share some more pics from this after session later this week. But for now…we’re going to go look for some more dessert.

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