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Amber and Chris | Wedding | Private Residence | La Mesa, CA

Amber and Chris will see this blog post from an internet cafe in Sumatra Borneo. They’ve lived together in South Korea, traveled to Bali, and hiked the entirety of the John Muir trail together. They are adventurers-the kind of couple whose vacation plans involve sleeping in tents in exotic locales. Their wedding celebrated this adventurous spirit, but I was particularly struck by it’s celebration of Amber and Chris as family-as aunt and uncle to four little nieces, as devoted grandkids to a loving grandfather, as supportive siblings to Jason and Anna and Heather. For all of their adventuring, Amber and Chris are a couple deeply rooted in their family and friends.  This wedding was a celebration of that rootedness-a backyard affair, pieced together with care and incredible attention to detail by the people who love them. It was a magical night for a remarkable family- one that Amy and I were blessed to be a part of.

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