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Amy and Juan | Wedding | Union Station, Los Angeles

In an effort to let our pictures do the talking, we don’t often write on our blog posts.  However, what’s really in my head lately is how beautifully different all of our weddings are.  We feel beyond blessed to consistently work with couples we love and it’s such a pleasure to see the tons of ways each couple’s unique passions/talents/community make their wedding feel absolutely different than the last.  This summer our weddings have been extraordinary and diverse.  For instance, there was Shannon and Paul‘s, where the artistry, poetry, and faith of their hometown friends made for an uber-personal marriage celebration (over tea and original music, no less).  There was Rebekah and Mark, whose rooftop soiree was one kick-ass party filled with friends and family from throughout the country.  Ashlee and Ryan‘s Cancun wedding was intimate, casual, and–let’s be honest–occasionally crazy, filled with life long friends and on the backdrop of paradise.

Amy and Juan are no exception.  We began the day in a gorgeous church and ended it (following a fun train ride), at Union Station, right in the heart of downtown LA.   One of my favorite parts of the day, though, was a surprise 35th wedding anniversary dance for Amy’s parents.  As soon as “their song” started playing, there were very few dry eyes in the place.  Such a fantastic day.

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