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Angela and Sean | Wedding | The Prado | San Diego, CA

I love weddings because of many reasons, but one of my favorite things is the community that comes out of the wood work. Friends and family that travel far distances and dance like crazy people just to help celebrate your marriage. So awesome. This was definitely the case with Angela and Sean, whose families, according to the fantastic Joan Whalen, “really dance.” Pair that with some wonderful_Prado food, a really fun music set, and Sean’s family that came all the way from Norway and you have quite the party.

Angela just makes the best faces. We figured this out in the engagement session and our number 1 comment so far has been something to the effect of “she has such great expressions.” It was so easy to catch the emotion and life of the day in Angela’s eyes, and the way she lights up around Sean is almost magical. We love this set.

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