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Annie and John | Wedding | San Diego, CA

We’ve already talked a lot about how great Annie and John are.  But they are.  And their wedding was just so fun!

It started out with the tea ceremony at Annie’s parent’s house.  Then there was a quick reception at John and Annie’s house to show off their new homeowner skills and to let us take part in awesome Chinese tradition number two: the bed pictures.  After that we all headed to the First Baptist Church of San Diego for the western ceremony.  Then was the cake reception, where Annie played a few songs with the most fabulous teacher band ever, The Sound and the Fury.  After a slice of cake and a million hugs, Annie and John got back in the car and ended up at Emerald Chinese Restaurant for a fantastic 10 course seafood dinner.  It was quite a day, and we are so glad to have been a part of it!

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