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Jenn and Tyler | Wedding | The Crossings at Carlsbad

My Grandpa told me that The Crossings at Carlsbad was great (he’s quite the golf course expert), but good golfing doesn’t always mean great picture taking. Jenn and Tyler’s wedding, however, was just beautiful.  The Crossings has a lot of really lovely architectural and landscaping details that we ate up, but it was Jenn and Tyler and their obvious love for each other that shone like crazy.  We loved Jenn and Tyler immediately during their engagement session.  I mean, how can you not bond while being stopped by the police or eating an entire apple pie straight out of the box.  But this wedding had love all over the place- in all the details, in Jenn and Tyler’s family and friends, and in their new marriage.  Also, I don’t think I’ve cried so hard at a wedding as when, during the anniversary dance, Jenn and Tyler’s grandparents were the last people standing after 60 years of marriage.  Jenn had the dj switch to their wedding dance song and they danced and danced and we all got misty-eyed.

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