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Julie and Charlie | The Wedding | The Ebell Club | Long Beach, CA

We actually knew Julie when we all lived in New York a few years ago.  She was the perfect contradiction-a bubbly New Yorker.  Plus, she played a pretty mean game of hearts, which made her a fantastic companion on dreary February days.  Cut to a few years later (in much nicer weather) when Julie called us and asked us to shoot her wedding.  Um… YES!  We were so excited to meet Charlie, especially after finding out that they met in a kickball league, which I find to be ridiculously cute.  And Charlie is awesome.

The Ebell Club is gorgeous, but an oddity in the architecture required that Julie wait for what seemed like hours in the dark by herself before walking out for her grand, dramatic entrance.  Talk about letting the nerves set in!  However, the staff was quite gracious and let her maid of honor, Amy, come for the first few minutes of the solitude.  The next moments were some of my favorite from the wedding day, especially this one.

I love Julie’s bouquet done by Lovely Day Floral Studio– the deep colors really bring glamour to the whimsical wildflower look.

Julie is a newspaper editor, so it was only fitting that this be the ring shot.  Also, kudos to Paul for the fantastic chair balancing act that it took to get this.

We’ve been to plenty of weddings, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone dance to “Let’s Get It On” quite so well.  Charlie’s got moves.

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