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Lindsay and Nick | Wedding | Red Horse Barn | Huntington Beach, CA

Few people can pull off a beautiful, well designed, detailed wedding without the help of a professional.  Lindsay and Nick, however, were blessed with some very talented and diligent friends and family who worked tirelessly to put together this day.  Friends did the flowers and table settings, the groomsmen put up the lights, and even Lindsay’s sister was out there with her bridesmaid dress on putting together flower arrangements.  And everything turned out beautifully.  As they were dancing the lights just gave such a magical glow.  And the flowers were gorgeous- just the right mix of tailored and organic.  The horses also added a little je ne sais quoi.  They also added a little bruise to Paul’s arm after Calypso, a beautiful bay, decided he didn’t want his picture taken anymore and gave Paul a little nip.

This wedding had so much fabulous emotion.  Lindsay has got that teary-eyed beauty thing down and there were so, so many sweet moments.  The first of which was a preview session with Lindsay and Nick before the ceremony.  While the name needs some work, the moment was perfect.  Lindsay and Nick didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so we positioned Nick behind a corner while we led Lindsay out to the adjoining wall.  They took hands and Nick immediately grabbed on tight and Lindsay just cried.  I often cry a little at weddings, but this moment was heart wrenchingly beautiful.  If you’re thinking about not seeing each other before the ceremony, I definitely recommend this.

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