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Preeti and Josh | Wedding | The Westgate Hotel | Diamond View Tower | San Diego, CA

Preeti and Josh were our first Indian wedding and what a great day it was!  There were so many traditions that were new to us from a grand entrance of both the bride and the groom surrounded by their families to performances at the reception.  There were decorative coconuts on the “bridesmaids” heads, fire under the dome mandap, fasting for the bride (!), and so many amazing layers upon layers of color and texture.  My favorite tradition, though, was the throwing of rose petals at the bride and groom throughout the ceremony.  I think Preeti and Josh’s family had a little too much fun with that…  Plus, the venues were phenomenal and the love between Preeti and Josh and their families was just so easy to take pictures of.  Such fun! Indian Wedding, Westgate hotel, wedding photo, wedding portrait


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